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over 1 year ago

Prizes, Prizes, and more Prizes!

Not only are Alexa Skills getting better with the addition of ISP (In-Skill Purchasing), but so are the prizes for this Alexa Skills Challenge!

As if just building cool skills wasn’t enough incentive for you, here’s a reminder of the prize potential for eligible participants, including participation prizes:

Overall Prizes:

  • Participant Prize
  • Note: Certified and eligible skills may win a participation prize. One prize per submission, and only one prize per eligible submitter. If you submit 5 skills, you will only win 1 prize.
    • Eligible participants in the U.S. will receive a $50 USD delivered via digital gift card.
    • Eligible participants outside of the U.S. will receive $50 USD transferred via PayPal or Payoneer only
  • Finalist Prizes: Ten finalists will take home $5,000 or more each and will be invited to an exclusive one-day summit on In-Skill Purchasing at Amazon’s headquarters in Seattle, including Travel for up to 2 members of the team (see full rules for details).  The finalist categories include:
    • One US Skill Store Finalist ($10,000 USD)
    • One Germany Skill Store Finalist ($10,000 USD)
    • One Japan Skill Store Finalist ($10,000 USD)
    • One UK Skill Store Finalist ($10,000 USD)
    • Six Wildcard Finalists ($5,000 USD)
  • Grand Prize: The winner for the overall best Alexa skill using In-Skill Purchasing will be chosen from the finalists and will receive $15,000 on top of their finalist prize.

Content Bonus Prizes – Winners of these bonus prizes will receive $3,000 and need not be a finalist

  • Bonus - Best Premium Game Experience
  • Bonus - Best Agency-Developed Premium experience
  • Bonus - Best One-Time Purchase Product Experience
  • Bonus - Best Subscription Product Experience
  • Bonus - Best Consumables Product Experience
  • Bonus - Best Multimodal Experience with ISP

This list, along with an important note on multiple prize eligibility can be found at

As a reminder, here is the main requirement for the challenge:

Build (or update) and publish a skill that integrates In-Skill Purchasing. Skills must be published in at least one of the Skill Stores that currently support ISP: US, UK, DE, and JP.

Important note: Submitters in most countries can publish skills in the four supported stores as long as:

  1. The skill supports the primary language and
  2. The developer lives in a country which allows them to earn money through In-Skill Purchasing
  3. Remember: Existing skills that already integrated ISP will NOT be eligible.

Good luck and happy building!


If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forum.