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over 1 year ago

ISP: What you need to know + Requirements Reminder

In-skill purchasing lets you sell premium content such as game features and interactive stories in skills with a custom interaction model. Buying these products in a skill is seamless to a user. They may ask to shop products, buy products by name, or agree to purchase suggestions you make while they interact with a skill. Customers pay for products using the payment options associated with their Amazon account.

To sell premium content in your skill, you need to define one or more in-skill products and associate them with your skill. An in-skill product defines the type of purchase and details such as pricing. You can use the developer console to add in-skill products to your skill.

What are the types of in-skill purchases?

  1. Consumable: Provides access to premium content that can be purchased, depleted when used, and purchased again. For example: A trivia skill offers a hint to a difficult question for a one-time fee.
  2. Subscription: Allows customers to pay a flat monthly fee for access to all content, or for tiered access to content. For example, A radio broadcaster allows access to all channels and content on Alexa for a flat monthly rate.
  3. One-time purchase: Provides access to premium content that never expires. For example, a trivia game offers additional themed packs of quizzes customers can re-play for a one-time fee.

Important Hackathon Note 

Understanding ISP is the key to creating a great submission for the Alexa Skills Challenge: In-Skill Purchasing.  Just a reminder, here are the main requirements and important points to note for your skill:

Main Requirement: Build (or update) and publish a skill that uses In-Skill Purchasing (ISP) that offers premium paid content for customers and is available for purchase.


  • Skills must integrate In-Skill Purchasing and be published in countries where ISP is available. Currently, ISP is available in the US, United Kingdom, Germany, and Japan skill stores. You don’t have to live in the country where you publish your skill!
  • Be a new or existing Alexa skill. If existing, submitters will be required to have integrated ISP during the submission period. Existing skills that already integrated ISP will NOT be eligible.
  • All submitters must complete the tax identity form and add bank account information to publish an ISP skill.
  • All submissions must include a demonstration video of the entry and of the in-skill product(s) available for purchase. Submissions to Devpost must include a detailed description of the skill and the in-skill product(s).
  • Submitted skills should support the utterance “What can I buy?” that directs customers and judges to the in-skill products available for purchase

Be sure to read over the full rules and eligibility requirements!

Can’t wait to see your skill!


If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forum.