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Help! Need to notify judges/tested of renamed skill for contest.

We really need to notify the judges/testers about the change in the app name. The certification department demanded we change the app name, which we did. I'm happy to report that last Friday morning on December 6th we did achieve certification (hours before the contest deadline), but now the submission video and the testing instructions have the wrong skill name and skill invocation phrase.

With Alexa skills that's *not* just a cosmetic change. It's literally how you find the app in the Alexa store and how you activate the app when using your Alexa device. If the judges/testers look for "AndroidChat" instead of "QuizLink" they won't find it, and if they say "Open AndroidChat" instead of "Open QuizLink", Alexa will tell them she has no idea what they are trying to do and they will think, erroneously, that the skill is down or does not work. I'd hate to come this far now that my app finally got certified on Friday, only to fail because of some small yet important matter like this.

Note, I'm assuming I'm not allowed to change the submission text anymore myself, right? Please let me know how I can fix this situation:

- Can I change the submission text?
- If not, can someone at DevPost do a search and replace in our submission video, changing "AndroidChat" to "QuizLink" and "Open AndroidChat" to "Open QuizLink", and add a note about the video variance too?
- If not, can I get a message to the judges/testers?


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  • Manager   •   about 3 years ago

    Hey Robert - No problem! I can't change your video, but I'll make a note on your testing instructions. It's not that uncommon for name and intent changes to happen during certification so the judging team is aware that it may happen.


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