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Help with certification. No feedback after two weeks.

Hi team,

thank you for extending the certification deadline! That was a really great move listening to the contestants feedback.

Tough I'm really frustrated that we still haven't received any feedback on our skill since the 22nd.
Thats two weeks without any feedback.
- I don't get an answer from the Alexa support despite multiple emails.
- I can see that no one used/ tested the skill since the 22.11.19

I really want to be part of this competition. But to do so even after extending the deadline I need feedback on our skill.

Please, please follow up with the Alexa certification team.
Submission: My Fitness Journey

Thanks a lot,



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  • Manager   •   about 3 years ago

    Hi Robert & Edwin,

    I'm really sorry to hear about the certification problems. We have certainly been working with the Alexa team to help as much as possible. Would you both send me a quick email with your skill ID a short recap of the issue? I'll pass that along today. stefanie@devpost.com

    Thank you for working so hard!

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