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Help with certification. No feedback after two weeks.

Hi team,

thank you for extending the certification deadline! That was a really great move listening to the contestants feedback.

Tough I'm really frustrated that we still haven't received any feedback on our skill since the 22nd.
Thats two weeks without any feedback.
- I don't get an answer from the Alexa support despite multiple emails.
- I can see that no one used/ tested the skill since the 22.11.19

I really want to be part of this competition. But to do so even after extending the deadline I need feedback on our skill.

Please, please follow up with the Alexa certification team.
Submission: My Fitness Journey

Thanks a lot,




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    Hello again Edwin,

    Sorry to hear you're still dead in the water. I had not seen an update from you in a while so I had hoped your skill got certified.

    The certification team is definitely alienating developers. I'm not having your problem but I am having a problem of being rejected repeatedly for a policy violation that we have told them repeatedly does not exist and you can't prove a negative. They refuse to give any details and just keep rejecting the app.

    I really wish DevPost would mass E-mail the contestants and ask them how many of them have been knocked out of the contest by the certification team. Perhaps it's just you and I but I find that hard to believe, especially given the barrage of issues I've had with them.

    Good luck to you. I'm close to giving up. It's nearly 4 AM here and I still don't see any activity from them. This has been a real, long bummer that has impacted my work and my life. After spending a year and a half on my app, this is about the worst conclusion to that journey I could possibly think of.

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    Hi Robert & Edwin,

    I'm really sorry to hear about the certification problems. We have certainly been working with the Alexa team to help as much as possible. Would you both send me a quick email with your skill ID a short recap of the issue? I'll pass that along today. stefanie@devpost.com

    Thank you for working so hard!

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    Hello Stefanie,

    I guess they finally read the CASE documents. My skill suddenly passed certification despite no change in it since the previous submission exactly one day ago.

    However, if you check the Alexa ISP Slack, at least one other dev besides Edwin is currently in certification trouble and in reply to my @-post to you, has stated he has given up on the contest because of it. As I said, it still would be a good idea to poll the participants for other alienated developers. There are a ton of great people at Amazon/Alexa who are working hard to acquire new Alexa devs. I think they would be heartbroken to know that their efforts are being undercut by problems with getting certified.

    My personal belief is that the certification team are dedicated, good people, *But they are way overburdened*. I have no idea what it takes to get over 100,000(!) skills ceritified like they did, but they need help badly. Amazon if you are listening, hire more reviewers quick, for Alexa's sake!

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    Edwin, I'm sure you did file a case with them using their contact form? Even if you did, I sent them a ton of messages via that service, more than you might expect. In case you haven't done that, I wouldn't be shy about messaging them extensively and each time, remind them they hold the fate of your app in their hands as far as being knocked out of the contest or not. Fingers crossed for you. Here's the link I used to contact the certification team. Make sure you are logged into your Alexa developer account before using the link:


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