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Best place to interact with Alexa Review team

Was wondering if someone has a good strategy to pass "extra" information to the Skill review team.
There is a "test instruction" section but it only pertains to ISP.
So if we want to "contest" a review with additional information, I just can't find the place to do so unlike on iOS where it's pretty clear.
Thank you!

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  • Manager   •   over 4 years ago

    Hey Greg,

    Good question. I don't believe there is a direct line to communicate with them, however, the information they shared with you if it didn't pass may give you an alternative way to contact them. I also found these contact links that might help: https://developer.amazon.com/support/

    I'd also suggest posting your questions/issue in the contest Slack channel. Other developers may have suggestions or previous experience. They're super helpful!


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