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Eligibility Clarification for Spanish (US) ISP


I'm not quite sure if the following, somewhat complicated, situation makes a potential submission for my skill eligible:

- My skill is available in multiple languages and all regions. Languages Include ENG (US, UK, AUS, CA), Spanish and others
- I've already implemented ISP English (US)
- Now, ISP became available for Spanish (US) recently
- I've already seen that a category of the competition is devoted to Spanish (US) Skills

So, is my skill eligible if I implement ISP for Spanish (US) now even though for English (US) it was already available before?

Best regards,

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  • Manager   •   over 3 years ago

    Hi Michael,

    As long as your skill with ISP is published in one of these skill stores: United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and/or Japan then it is eligible. If you implemented ISP with a Spanish skill in the US then you can also enter for the Bonus Prize - Best Spanish Skill in the US with ISP.

    Hope that helps!


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