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Eligibility Confirmation

Good day, I am not sure if you received my previous submission. May I ask is Zimbabwe: eligible? Thanks very much- Bethel.

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  • Manager   •   about 4 years ago

    Hi Bethel,

    Yes, Zimbabwe is eligible to participate in the competition! Please read section 3 for more around eligibility:

    Please remember to keep in mind the main requirement: Build (or update) and publish a skill that integrates In-Skill Purchasing. Skills must be published in at least one of the Skill Stores that currently support ISP: US, UK, DE, and JP.

    Important note: Submitters in most countries can publish skills in the four supported stores as long as:

    -The skill supports the primary language and
    -The developer lives in a country which allows them to earn money through In-Skill Purchasing
    -Remember: Existing skills that already integrated ISP will NOT be eligible.


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